About Lineage

Lineage Equine was created by riders for riders, just like you!

After years of riding and never quite finding that perfect stirrup, we decided it was time to create our own. 

We all share the passion of horses and with horses come tack. We put our experience into metal and created an amazing stirrup that you won’t want to ride without. 

Our first product, the Lineage Stirrup, was created out of a need for a high quality, durable, lightweight stirrup that checked all the boxes that riders wanted. Lineage Stirrups were developed through a collective of riders’ inputs across several disciplines which resulted with producing a high-quality forged stirrup. 

Our mission is to offer high quality, functional and stylish products that will provide a platform for any rider to be the best they can be across any discipline. Our products are engineered for riders by riders and made in the USA